Wood Carving weekly at Cottonwood


Dianne Winenger

The Sun Lakes Wood Carvers are busily chipping, sanding, painting and preparing interesting art pieces to sell or display at the upcoming Art on the Lakes held in Cottonwood annually. What a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the fabulous Arizona winter sunshine and admire the unbelievably talented artists the community has attracted as their primary or second home.

The Wood Carvers will have a display table showing a wonderful variety of subjects. It’s a great place to visit and perhaps decide you might like to join them making an item to display in your home or as a gift for a friend. Does anyone appreciate something more than a “hand-made” present?

Wally Jasien has an extensive collection of Kachinas that he shares with the community in the display case in the Ceramics Room. He creates very detailed and authentically-designed and painted Native American pieces. He is available for questions or guidance and enjoys sharing his knowledge and talent with others.

Steve Cullen is ready also to help with soap, yes soap, carving. This is an avenue to carve without making a monetary commitment to the craft. It is hard not to get “hooked,” as it is really fun and rewarding to complete a unique creation.

We meet every Thursday year-round in Cottonwood Ceramics Room on the plaza from 9:00-11:00 a.m. Contact Margaret Ryan at 480-802-6535 or Wally Jasien at 470-895-8281. There is no fee. Stop by and meet us!