World turners


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In 1903, at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, two young men with a dream of the impossible wound up an odd-shaped box, and it flew off the ground for 120 feet. Their dream and that box made the world smaller that day.

It was in the ancient city of Thessalonica that the citizens accused the Apostle Paul and his companies of “turning the world upside down” because of their preaching. In a real sense, Wilber and Orville Wright turned the world upside down. Prior to that day, men had to travel by land or by sea – today jumbo jets circle the globe with hundreds of passengers on board.

History tells us that within 70 years of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, 10 percent of the population of the Roman Empire were followers of Jesus – and that there were believers in the household of the Caesar. One wonders, how did this happen?

I believe that a contributing factor was that the early Christians took Jesus at His Word. He issued a mandate – “Go make disciples,” and they trusted His promise, “I will be with you till the end of the age.” Second, they saw the great need among the pagan people of the Empire, and they saw the needs as an opportunity. They took the message that had been given to them and the hope that had changed their lives to all who would listen.

Their method was simple: tell the story. Philip told a government official alongside a road. Peter told a Centurion in his home. Paul told a runaway slave in his jail cell. I believe the Christians here in Sun Lakes can make a difference if we catch the vision and take the opportunities we are given to Tell the Story.

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