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A Grateful Spirit (Thankful, Appreciative, Obliged, Indebted, Glad)

Margaret Daniels

There were five spirits who each had a special gift. They were instructed to share that gift with people they came in contact with.

The first spirit was called thankful. His special gift was to show people they have much to be thankful for. As the spirit worked through other people with encouraging words, People had a deep thankfulness for their families and material possessions they had.

The second spirit was called appreciative. When this spirit arrived people felt the appreciation of the things that people willingly did for them.

The third spirit was called Obliged. When Obliged came floated in, it wasn’t long before people had the feeling of being obliged to others. They felt compelled to take action for the betterment of others.

The fourth spirit was called Indebted. When people felt the fourth spirit, they had a sense that they were beholden to others for everything that was given to them, including jobs, experiences and training.

The fifth spirit was called Glad. This spirit was pleased that the effect of his presence made people cheerful and happy but most of all content.

When all five spirits were combined into one gift, it was called grateful.

People with these qualities are truly grateful for who they are, the material things they possess and whatever situation they find themselves in. Every morning they wake up being grateful because they realize that life is too short not to be otherwise.

Nothing in Particular

Jim McWhirter

Particular is a strange word and is often used to answer a question that could just be answer “Yes” or “No.” Your wife asked “What would you like to do today” and you reply nothing in particular. Her response may be “well good then you can go with me to Costco,” even if this was on your list of things that you did not want to do, now you are trapped. It would be better to have replied with a few options that you were thinking about doing (real or not real) like I thought I might go to the golf range and hit a few balls and work on my putting. Also, I have a few things in the yard that need to be done, and thus, avoid the trip to Costco, which was what you really didn’t want to do.

One may asked if you like the movie, you have just watch, and you respond with “Not particularly” the next question may be “what in particular didn’t you like about it?” Now you are faced with responding to this question and probably many more. What’s wrong in saying “no I didn’t like it.”

The way we use the word particular in our everyday life does not always conform to the definition of the word itself. When climbing up the ladder you should exercise particular care. In this case particular meaning extra or special care. The simple definition of particular is used to indicate that one specific person, or thing is being referred to and no other. Particular is synonymous with words like specific, certain, definite, etc. When my wife asked me if I am hungry and I reply not particularly it appears to be a poor word choice and could be interpreted as not specifically, not certain, not definite and a simple yes or no would be a better answer.

By now you know that I have nothing particular to write about anything in particular.

Rose Potpourri

Dorothy Long

A rose, is a rose, is a rose, is a rose so the saying goes. (or is it?)

There are bright colorful roses in beautiful maintained rose gardens. We look through rose colored glasses. The wild rose, a state flower, climbs the road ditches and adds its color.

Seed catalogs feature an amazing array of name such as Paradise, Peace and Tiffany.

There are flower shows and contests to pick the biggest, best and most unique roses. Valentine’s day is the biggest day for delivery of a dozen roses to special sweethearts. The giver may receive a kiss from her rosy red lips.

The bride follows the trail of rose petals to the altar to recite her wedding vows. Often churches place a single rose to announce a birth. Roses adorn the casket of a loved one and then wither and die when left at the cemetery.

We are told to take time to smell the roses.

The first rose of spring brings hope and the last rose of summer tells us winter is not far behind.

A prick from the thorn sends curse words to the unsuspecting bloom or others within earshot.

All of know friends and acquaintances with either first or last names of Rose.

Special songs are sung such as My Wild Irish Rose and a Baby Ruth. The movie The Rose is well remembered.

Southern plantations held names like Rosedale. Dots on the map show cities named Rose Hill, Rosedale, and Roseville. Wonder if they raise roses or take time to smell the roses?

Autograph book verses frequently began with Roses are red, violets are blue with continuing lines, some flattering and some not so nice.

Easter is celebrated because Christ rose from the grave.

The rose colored skies of sun rise and sun set are beautiful to the beholder.

Rosy cheeked children scamper inside from the cold. Do they still play Ring Around the Rosie?

Every New Years, we watch the Rose Parade. The floats decorated with live flowers are spectacular. Next we cheer our favorite team in the Rose Bowl game.

Then there is the rose colored crayon in the box of 64 crayolas.

Decorators pick delicate rose bud fabric for home décor and clothing.

Rose water refreshes and rose oil soothes.

We would like to hear the words the stock market rose.

Jewelry fashioned after the much loved flower is always appreciated.

Would our country have survived without the help of Rosie the Riveter?

Which of these are worthy of a story? Probably all, but I will sit and ponder and enjoy sipping my freshly brewed English Rose tea from my rose patterned china cup.


Ellie Clark

At the age of nine my daughter began training with a swim team. She developed into a powerful swimmer which meant competing and attending swim meets almost every weekend as she went through the age groups. We packed a lunch and made it a picnic and family affair which meant it was not possible for me to attend Mass on Sunday morning.

I found a church in San Francisco that held Mass on Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. We lived 25 miles south of San Francisco on the coast. I developed the habit of going to St. Anthony’s on Sunday evening. It was a beautiful church with a wonderful choir. Because I went alone, I didn’t want to carry a purse so carried what I needed in my pocket or my hand, which mainly consisted of some cash, a Kleenex and my key ring.

One evening after I received communion which required kneeling at the communion rail in the front of the church, I stood and turned to return to my pew, forgetting there was a step behind me. It was a beautiful marble floor and suddenly I found myself flailing about in an effort to keep my balance. As a result I managed to fling my key ring half way across the church as my high heels went clickety click, clomp, clomp, on the beautiful floor. I was more than embarrassed as I walked back to my seat looking around to see what had happened to my keys when a man handed them to me as I mumbled a thank you.

Now, this shouldn’t happen to a dog, I knew this guy. He owned the service station where I got my gas. He had a big smile on his face and I had a stupid look on mine.

It could have been worse I thought to myself. I might have fallen and sprawled all over that lovely white marble platform.

Needless to say from that night on I always kept in mind the step that had to be maneuvered. It struck me how invaluable the expression “watch your step” really was.


Barbara Schwartz

Sometimes, life gets so complicated and confusing that you tend to think that you cannot go on like that.

We must not forget that living takes a huge amount of maintenance on not just a daily basis, but sometimes on an hourly one as well.

Recently, I heard that a young boy in my home states of Massachusetts had lost his life in a suicidal manner.

He had forgotten, in his decreased mental state, that life can change in a heartbeat. He was too young to realize that death is a final element. And he simply could not maintain the simple blessings of his life.

As we age, we all wonder about what the future will bring, and we change our plans daily, if not more often. We are forgetful of past events of our lives; we count our blessings each and every day.

We realize that all things change – or are subject to change – but we live for the small things: sometimes we are just grateful to wake up in the morning! We are happy to have food in the house to eat, a house to live in and a car to drive.