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Cats and Dogs

Jim Kirkpatrick

They are so often an important part of our young lives as playmates. Many in late and much later life we have them as dear companions. When someone will comment regarding the loss of our dog or cat, “it was only a cat (or dog).” Imagine, it may have been her closest companion for many years – possibly much longer than her closest friend.

There are differences; your relationship with your dog will usually be on your terms. Your relationship with your cat will be on the cat’s terms. I once heard it said that if your dog jumps up on your bed, he loves you; when your cat jumps on your bed it means he loves the bed.

The pet companions of those in late life have often been there longer than any of their current human friends,

“A dog asks So little and Gives So much.”

Some say that a man doesn’t own the dog – the dog owns the man.

I well remember our Boston Terriers. They were very social. They were obviously aware of everything. If there is gentle peace/if there is a little tension, If you were just not doing well – they knew, if there was something “not right” – they knew. They so enjoyed and appreciated any and all contact, and recognition was so welcome.

Butterfly Tattoos

Ruby Regina Witcraft

In one of my wilder moments, I decided I wanted a tattoo, but not a permanent one. Mostly, it was to shock my swimming pool friends and it did.

Target had stick on ones in all designs but I loved the pretty butterfly. It was very easy to apply over my left breast, above the bathing suit line and looked pretty real and pretty, pretty. I placed it there because it was the least wrinkled. Even so, the few wrinkles made the butterfly wings appear to be flying.

The early morning swimmers were all buddies of mine so I was fearless when I removed my cover-up and quietly slipped into the water, showing my butterfly tat, as I greeted everyone good morning. All bugged eyes immediately went to the butterfly with gasps of, “Oh No,” greeting me. Next utterances were “Is it real?” Naturally, I was in for the full effect so my answer was, “Of course.” Now everyone wanted one, so I had to admit that it was temporary.

I had anticipated this reaction from these gamey women and had brought several packets with me. There were various assortments of hearts, roses, birds, etc., but none that professed love of mother, country and Elvis. No flags or anchors or hula girls, just pretty ones. The ladies got their choice and applied their own personal tattoo in about the same place as mine.

Now you haven’t lived until you have seen the striking display of bouncing bosom, artistry as everyone proceeded with her usual morning workout of jumping jacks. The butterflied actually looked like they were flying and the roses were in full bloom. For two weeks, the wash off period, we all felt just a little risqué.

After all, in our generation you had to be drunk and in the Navy to even consider a tattoo but not my girl friends.

Do I Dare????

Jacqueline M. Ruffino-Platt

Do I dare write? Do I dare write about me, my family, my friends, my husband and my careers? Do I dare write a non-fiction, fiction, autobiography, biography or comedic episodes? All these questions popped into my brain deciding which side of my brain do I listen to. Last year, I decided to seek out a Writer’s group. A group who does not criticize or critique and then tear apart a story into tiny little shreds. A story written and believed to be from the heart. There are many classes and groups mentioned above which exist and would welcome you if interested. Do I even dare? No. The decision I made was no doubt the best. On my first day, I walked through the door of a room filled with the most talented, friendly, energetic and gracious folks. I found a chair and sat myself down and began listening to the writers read a story or poem, their choice for the day. Were they reading segments of their lives, their families, their friendships? Were the stories filled with compassion, love, sadness, happiness and mystery? Some stories and poems written by the group are very funny, which brings lots of smiles and laughter. A few readers have us sitting on the edge of our chairs with their stories of fiction and mystery, and holds intrigue to the end. As I looked around the room, even to this very day, have their eyes focused on the reader and listening to every word flowing from their hearts. I asked myself quietly in my mind, do I dare expose my inner thoughts and share my family secrets, and my feelings to a group of strangers? Do I know these men and women whom I just met, to trust whatever I say, to invite me, accept me, into their two hours of a simple and meaningful group?

We Love Our Automobiles

Bill Bjerstedt









Zim and


more and more

and when we buy one

it cleans our purse

and makes us want to curse

but….We love Our Automobiles

change lanes

slow or fast

follow, pass

with a dash.

siren or flashing lights

pull off the roadway very fast

and let the go on quickly past

low or empty

tank of gas

fill it up with

lots of cash

horse and buggy

hay for fuel

a little slower

on the pull

for heavy loads

they used a mule

Hi Ho Silver

for the speeders

of the grass eaters

Get’m Up Scout

hi-test, regular

with no lead

gas or diesel

at the pumps

take your dollars

in big lumps

four on the floor

automatic garage door

traffic signal

red or green

with bright yellow in-between


blow a tire!!

parking meter

quarter eater

used to cost

a nickle

turn signals

left or right

honking horns

make you deaf

hi-way bi-way


road, or street


where you meet

traffic backup

sit and wait –

and get home late

with all this said

and done to us

my story ends


take a bus….