Young and Old Play the Night Away

The ImproVables and the Perrywinkles playing around together (photo by Kate King Turner)

Kate King Turner

The ImproVables, Sun Lakes Community Theatre’s comedy improv group, recently hosted Perry High School’s improv team, the Perrywinkles, for a collaborative workshop, and the result was a night of madcap comedy that had both the youngsters and the seniors in stitches. From the warm-ups through all the varied games shared by each troupe, mutual respect was obvious. The high schoolers had superb innovation and teamwork. The seasoned ImproVables had experience and originality to offer to the eager students. Together the two groups melded into a fun-loving, action-packed evening of ad libbed insanity that left everyone holding their stomachs and breathless from the laughter.

Coordinators Phyllis Novy and Ethan Grigory, from Sun Lakes and Perry High, respectively, did a great job of choosing games in which both troupe members could shine. “We did ‘Complaint Orchestra,’ a game that has not been done by any other improv group, and the Perrywinkles loved it,” said Phyllis. The Perrywinkles introduced a new game to The ImproVables with their “Objection.” The two groups collaborated on several familiar improv games to everyone’s delight. ImproVables member Mark Wenz, a retired junior high teacher, reflected, “Our collaboration with the Perrywinkles benefited both groups. They inspired and encouraged us, and we did the same for them. Their energy, enthusiasm, and creativity were infectious. They were an impressive group of young people. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and hope we do it again soon. Ultimately, I hope the two groups can do a show together in Sun Lakes.” Members of both groups seemed eager to do just that.