Young Realty wins Sun Division Tournament


Larry Wolfe

The Young Realty team, managed by Mike Gloyd and sponsored by Terry & Susan Young Realtors, won the three-day Sun Division’s double elimination Winter League Tournament in exciting fashion. But let’s first take a look at the games leading up to that finale.

In the Sun Division opener, the Real Estate Rustlers, sponsored by Jim Leckner’s Revelation Real Estate Agency and managed by Tom Kasunic, beat Young Realty 25-12 sending them to the losers’ bracket at that point. Manager Kasunic and Doug Friesen led the Rustlers’ 33-hit attack with four safeties each.

In the second contest, Brenden Financial Services, managed and sponsored by Ken Brenden, topped State Farm Insurance 22-14. State Farm was managed by Ron Carmichael and sponsored by the Ralph Vasquez Agency. Paul Gayer and Steve Hilby both went four for four for the winners, while Reyes Gonzalez paced the Insurers with four hits including two long homers.

On day two, Brenden’s Financial Planners topped the Rustlers 16-6. Kim Whitney led the Planners with four hits, including three doubles. In the losers’ bracket, Young Realty eliminated State Farm 21-17. Steve Hilby led the Young Realtors with four hits including three homeruns. Mike Otman also had four hits and a homer. Mark McKinnon went four for four for the Insurers.

On the third day of the tournament, Young Realty eliminated the Rustlers 14-12. Steve Hilby again led the way, going four for four. Dan Melosi had four hits for the losing squad. That set up the championship game with the Young Realtors facing Brenden Financial. The Realtors jumped out to a big early lead, but the Planners battled back scoring eleven runs in the last two innings. That put a scare into the Realtors, but they managed to hang on for a 25-23 triumph. Guess who…?? Yep, Steve Hilby went four for four for the third game in a row with two more homers, while Mike Otman also had four hits to lead the Realtors to the championship. The championship game was a real slugfest with Brenden’s Planners knocking out 35 hits compared to 34 for the champion Realtors. Paul Gayer had five hits for the Planners, while Sam Giordano and Steve Schaider had four hits each.

Congratulations to the Young Realty squad for battling all the way back through the losers’ bracket to win the Winter League Tournament.