2022 NIT Pickleball Tournament

With beautiful weather, standing-room-only crowds, wonderful vendors, great players, hard-fought matches, and selfless volunteers, the 2022 Norris Invitational Tournament (NIT), sponsored by the Sun Lakes Pickleball Club Cottonwood, exceeded all expectations. This year’s Norris Invitational Tournament included 88 teams, 140 participants, and over 50 volunteers. Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America! Ask any of these players, and they will tell you why. We can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!

NIT 2022 Women’s 2.0 Bracket

Gold: Margie Parrish/Jeanne Foote, Silver: Pam Currier/Lita Halweg, Bronze: Barb Lindvig/Kathy Anecito

NIT 2022 Women’s 2.5 Bracket

Gold: Diane Bricco/Margie Guinan, Silver: H. Cassie Valentine/Bev Haines, Bronze: Cathy Wilbanks/Susan Szelinger

NIT 2022 Women’s 3.0 Bracket

Gold: Peggy Austin/Debbie Lockard, Silver: Charlotte Nichol/Ann Thomas, Bronze: Betty Durben/Mary McIntire

NIT 2022 Women’s 3.5 Bracket

Gold: Melody Strom/Mary Kay Hobby, Silver: Chris Koski/Karen Hickman, Bronze: Margo Sodahl/Cyndi Shield

NIT 2022 Mixed 1.5/2.0 Bracket

Gold: Harry Kullman/Sandy Saunders, Silver: Mike Roth/Cindy Cloke, Bronze: Randy and Charlene Wisbey

NIT 2022 Mixed 2.5 Bracket

Gold: Rodney Wong/Leslie Tuey, Silver: Walt and Kathy Woys, Bronze: Michael and Grace Daley

NIT 2022 Mixed 3.0 Bracket

Gold: Frank and Peggy Austin, Silver: Karl Eberle/Debbie Lockard, Bronze: John and Judy Rolfs

NIT 2022 Mixed 3.5 Bracket

Gold: Jim Carlson/Lois Marik, Silver: Paul Nichol/Janie Grosman, Bronze: Bud Johnson/Mary Kay Hobby

NIT 2022 Mixed 4.0+ Bracket

Gold: Jerry Strom/Janice Golden, Silver: Keith Ori/Patty True, Bronze: Jan Kristensen/Krissy Thomson

NIT 2022 Men’s 3.0 Bracket

Gold: Rob Kohlberg/Frank Austin, Silver: John Rolfs/Jeff Jay, Bronze: Randall Burtzel/Kip Kaler

NIT 2022 Men’s 3.5 Bracket

Gold: Tom Snider/Bob Lynne, Silver: Ron Berge/Steve Jensen, Bronze: Bob Layher/Rick Eucker

NIT 2022 Men’s 4.0+ Bracket

Gold: Keith Ori/Jerry Strom, Silver: Leif Lindgren/Tim Shield, Bronze: Jeff Dunn /Jack Hill