A Great Loss for the Sun Lakes Women’s Association—A Tribute to Sandy Bealmear

Jacquie Ruffino

Quiet, observant, giving, intelligent, and the most talented in her favorite arts and crafts pastimes. Sandy Bealmear had a long run with the Sun Lakes Women’s Association and had held various positions on the board, and had never turned down a job that needed assistance. Sandy was the treasurer for many years with the club. Sandy knew how our organization ran from every aspect, as she had been around for many years. She knew the backbone of each and every project performed for the club. Sandy was shy, quiet, and, most of all, giving. When asked to do a project, she would accept and take it into her stride and meet the final project to her best. Her arts and crafts talents were outstanding, and she made many items to display around the holidays. There may be other strengths Sandy had; however, she seemed not to discuss them unless asked for her help. She was extremely comfortable in her position with the club. Her passing has been exceedingly difficult for some of the members who have known Sandy for a long time. Her wry sense of humor, knowledge, and leadership will be greatly missed. May she rest in peace.