A Little Fun in the Sun

Pictured are some of the club members who were able to get away for a fun day visiting several sites containing some amazing layouts of our members.

Harry Huckemeyer

The Short Line Model Railroad Club is coming off a rather busy first quarter of the 2022 season, and things have been going really well. We were fortunate to be able to participate in several of the local Community Days during the latter part of the past year and also several additional events located outside the area that attracted crowds with a large assortment of the young and the old who were able to enjoy some fun time away from their busy schedules. Some of our club members were able to get away for a fun day, visiting several sites containing some amazing layouts of our members. Additionally, all were treated to a quick tour of what’s going on in Maricopa where there soon will be some added attractions that you might want to take in once things fall into place at some later date.

This is the month when many in the area start thinking about relocating to other areas where they welcome in the good weather in those cooler areas. A short time later when the schools let out, others will be traveling to meet up with old friends or just travel, whether by land or by water, to take in new opportunities to see how others live or just take to the beaches for the cool breezes that flow off the oceans on both coastlines of our country. We wish you all well. Enjoy your summer months, and stay safe and healthy.

Our club has been invited and has accepted the invitation to participate in an upcoming festival out at Apache Junction on April 23 of this year. At this writing, details are still in the planning stage. We’ve been there before, and it does draw large crowds, will have food available of an assortment of varieties with several food trucks, and, of course, entertainment. We suggest that if you’re interested, get ready to throw a couple chairs in the car and maybe a blanket and plan on roughing it in a park setting under the, hopefully, blue skies and perhaps be entertained with a little Blue Grass as a bonus.

For any other information regarding our club or questions you may have, you can reach us at 480-802-4976 or [email protected]. Have a great day and stay healthy and safe throughout the new year. Additionally, if you have any interest in upcoming train swap meets or want to be kept abreast of the Apache Junction Festival on April 23, feel free to text me on my cell phone at 480-699-1349, and I will get back to you ASAP as updates start to fall into place.