Active Living by Design

Sue Schwartz, CWPV Connections

CWPV Connections is pleased to announce it received a grant from the Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation. Funds will support the Active Living by Design program series.

These health and wellness educational programs are presented by experts in their respective fields. Foundation support enables CWPV Connections to develop and disseminate information that improves the lives of older adults.

Imagine our Sun Lakes communities where aging is not perceived as a disease, but embraced and developed as healthy, vibrant living. Imagine being resilient at any age.

Last month’s program was designed to cover “What Matters Most” and touched the life of every homeowner. What matters most to you? Contact us at [email protected] Your input will help us schedule future presentations that interest you.

Our Programs are designed to:

Maximize independence

Advocate personal responsibility as a means to independence

Encourage self-sufficiency

Remove barriers

Provide leadership through peer role models

May we make a suggestion? You don’t want to miss our February 16, 2017 presentation. Mark the date on your calendar NOW. We will be opening the door to health and wellness programs ideal for Sun Lakes communities.

You know you are going to experience something different and life changing from the first moment you hear our February speaker. Simply put she not only gets what really matters in helping older adults live healthy, active and independent lives but she knows how to share that knowledge with an audience in a way that is both informative, entertaining and soul searching. You will come away from our February presentation having your life changed for the better. More information coming soon at

CWPV Connections is helping create a more caring, conscious and compassionate community. Your support of the Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation ( help all of us build a better community.