Aero Club members visit Goldwater Gunnery Range

F-16; photo by Allan Levy.

F-16; photo by Allan Levy.

Gary Vacin

During a field trip to the Barry M. Goldwater Gunnery Range April 20, 26 Sun Lakes Aero Club (SLAC) members and guests viewed U.S. Air Force fighter jets in action. The facility is a military restricted area and can be accessed only by permission from Luke AFB.

The visitors climbed an observation tower for a close-up view of A-10s from Davis Monthan AFB and F-16s from Luke AFB flying training missions bombing and strafing ground targets at close range. The facility serves the Air Force and Marine Corps as an armament and high hazard testing area; a training area for aerial gunnery, rocketry, electronic warfare and tactical maneuvering and air support; and a place to develop equipment and tactics.

Making the trip were Wally Amundson, Roger Anderson, Roger Bartels, Chris Beauchamp, Paul Beeks, George Bliss, Mario Caranza, Gene Evans, Ralph Fairbanks, Jim Haytas, Mike Heth, Steve Hohl, Thomas Howard, Joe Igelmund, Allan Levy, Richard Peak, Ron Rueter, Walt Scheidereiter, David Tharp, Warren Wallace, Dwaune Couillard, Vincent Sciberras, Ron Wasko, Tom Piatak, Pat Bricco, Gene Cole and Ronald Buckner.

SLAC sponsors several field trips and breakfast fly-ins each year to locations like Sedona, Marana, Ryan Field and Lake Havasu City. Additional information on the club is available from Cannon Hill at 509-539-7857 or Gary Vacin at 298-7017 or at the club’s web site at