AFMA Reminds … Ambulance Membership Program Still Ongoing

Brian Curry, Fire Inspector/Public Information Officer

The Arizona Fire & Medical Authority (AFMA) reminds residents of Sun Lakes that their Ambulance Membership Program (AMP) is still enrolling Sun Lakers.

The voluntary plan that went into effect in July of last year provides coverage for those co-pays and deductibles that your insurance does not cover.

The coverage includes each member of your Sun Lakes household listed on the application. Your medical incident must occur within the confines of AFMA’s ambulance service area which is all of Sun Lakes, with the exception of Ironwood Estates.

Coverage also includes most doctor-authorized facility-to-facility transportation or non-emergency medical transports by AFMA.

What is not included is ambulance services that originate out of AFMA/Sun Lakes’ service area, ambulance transport for visiting family and friends, or for non-medically necessary ambulance transports.

The AMP is not health insurance and is not intended to be a substitute for a health insurance policy.

The Arizona Fire & Medical Authority are also encouraging Sun Lakes residents to check their medical insurance policies to verify if a co-pay for any member of their household would be required. If your policy does not require a co-pay for ambulance transportation, it is not recommended joining the AMP.

Due to not having cost-sharing responsibility for ambulance services, residents on AHCCCS or Medicaid are not eligible for this program.

For further information, call AFMA at 623-544-5400, or visit us on the web at