Agave Quilt Show March 28

Art Group’s “Happy Places” art quilt

Art Group’s “Happy Places” art quilt

Brooks Scofield

The Agave Quilt Guild sponsored Art Group recently completed a superb wall hanging for the upcoming Agave Quilt Show that will be held on March 28. This unique contemporary quilt illustrates President Faith Bragg’s show theme of “Holidays and Celebrations” in a very distinctive way.

Over the 2014 summer and into the fall, art group members designed several exceptional quilt blocks, each illustrating the quilter’s “happy place.” Then, all the blocks were assembled and sewn into a single wall quilt. The Agave Art group has been making stunning art quilts for the Agave Quilt Show for several years. This year’s quilt is equally fabulous. Please be sure to buy a ticket on the quilt when you visit the show at the end of March. The Agave Guild and the Art group wish to thank all the members who made individual blocks, especially Pattie O’Neill, who assembled the blocks into a single artistic piece and Judith Kraker who quilted it.

The Art group meets in the Sewing room of Oakwood on the first Thursday of the month at 9:00 a.m. for small talk and 9:30 a.m. for a creative session. There is always room for new members. The group itself functions as an interest group and members must first join Agave in order to be active in the Art group. We have separate classes and special projects and work to encourage each other and bring out the inner artist in all quilters. Drop by for a visit, as any Agave member is welcome, as is any art quilter.