Alive and Active, Our Chairs Rock: The Heart of the Club

Left to right: Vic Hermann, Nancy Hibbard, Gail Wilder, and Jim Marquis. Heart-shaped Cabochons by Vic

Left to right: Vic Hermann, Nancy Hibbard, Gail Wilder, and Jim Marquis. Heart-shaped Cabochons by Vic

Linda Shanahan

Here is what’s happening in the Sun Lakes Rock, Gem and Silver Club, and how YOU can get involved.

Classes are offered in a variety of skills, including lapidary, lost wax, stained glass, dichroic glass, silversmithing, wire wrapping, faceting, opals, gourds, and ming trees, just to mention a few. We invite you to join our club and participate in one or more of these classes. You need no background in art, just a willingness to try something new. Once you successfully complete a class, you are eligible to pay a small fee and work in the open shop designated for that art form. Schedules, fees, prerequisites for advanced classes, and open shop times are posted on the SLRGS website and on all shop doors. We have three shop locations: Sun Lakes 1 by the east parking lot, Cottonwood by the library, and Oakwood by the Patrol Office. The club follows COVID-19 guidelines of taking temperatures, wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing. To join the club and sign up for a class or open shop, or for answers to questions, please refer to the website at or call the chairperson in charge of the different disciplines. The list below categorizes the chair in charge of the various disciplines and what is included in that discipline.

Lapidary: Vic Hermann, 815-814-1860

Lapidary 1, Lapidary 2 Bears, Stone Handles, Opals, Faceting, Minerals and Mineral ID, Rocks and Rock ID

Lost Wax: Jim Marquis, 928-660-0777

Lost Wax 1 and Lost Wax 2

Silver: Gail Wilder, 480-721-8559

Silver 1 and 2, Inlay, Silver Wire Bracelets/Necklace, PMC 1 and 2 Copper Bracelets

Stained Glass: Nancy Hibbard, 480-802-0193

Stained Glass, Dichroic Glass, Fused Glass

Creative Crafts: Nancy Hibbard, 480-802-0193

Gourds, Ming Trees, Beading, Woven Wire Bracelets, Wire Wrap Jewelry

Come join the fun. Release your inner artist!