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Ah! Gorgeous Jewelry!

Piece by Linda Murray at the Sun Lakes Rock, Gem, and Silver Club

Cathy Porter Who doesn’t love jewelry? Imagine designing and making your own unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. The lapis lazuli pendant is a piece you can learn to make in the Silver One class. A bezel is cut to fit the stone and then soldered to the backing. These stones are cabochons. You can learn to make…

Lost Wax… What’s That All About?

Wax + metal = an original handmade gift.

Linda Shanahan Casting—Lost Wax Process The lost wax casting process is widely used, as it offers asymmetrical casting with very fine details to be manufactured relatively inexpensively. The process involves producing a metal casting using a refractory mold made from a wax replica pattern. Steps involved in the process of lost wax casting are: •…

Meet “The Faceting Fanatic”

Tony's recent faceted pieces showing raw material to faceted stone

Linda Shanahan Think you can facet? Of course, you can. Be you a woman or be you a man Tony can teach you, yes, he is the king The “facet fanatic” it has a nice ring Five seven facets go on the gemstone He’ll help you out. You won’t be alone Cut and then polish…