Jim Marquis: Artist who Aspires to Inspire

Jim Marquis, the artist who aspires to inspire

Jim Marquis, the artist who aspires to inspire

Linda Shanahan

Lost Wax? What’s that all about?

Jimmy can tell you without a doubt

Can’t use a cell phone or even a fax

But this man can tell you all about wax

This man’s a genius, he really does know

How to form wax and then make it flow

First out of wax you form what you choose

Sprue up that artwork, be sure not to snooze

Invest that wax pattern to form a nice mold

Now melt out the wax, it’s hot, please don’t hold

Force in hot metal, this is called casting

Clean glitches and sprue, your piece will be lasting

You’ll finish and polish, your friends they will say

“You did it yourself?” No way! Oh no way.

Jim Marquis was born in Flagstaff and spent most of his childhood and teenage years around that area, graduating from Flagstaff High in 1965. He enlisted in the Army in 1966 where he attended airborne school, making a total of 10 jumps, one in the providence of Kom Tum. He served in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne, then on to Ft. Bragg to finish his three years. Jim moved to Page, Ariz., for an apprenticeship with the Bureau of Reclamation as a power plant mechanic. His position involved maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment (turbines, pumps, air handlers, rotors, cranes, etc.) and all other mechanical equipment associated with the installation and repair at Glen Canyon Dam. Later he was promoted to the mechanical supervisor position.

After retiring in 2008, he moved to Sun Lakes where he became involved with the Sun Lakes Rock, Gem and Silver Club. He has served as a valuable member of the club, teaching Lost Wax, which he truly enjoys. This art form, which starts with wax and ends with a metal jewelry piece, involves a few steps, but Jim says, “If I can learn them, then I am certain anyone can. Being a member of this club has been a positive experience for me, and I look forward to teaching more classes and creating more projects at our three shops in Sun Lakes. My lovely wife Patty (the club’s raffle coordinator) and I hope to continue doing our part to promote the club. We have met some very artistic people involved in this group and encourage anyone who is interested to join and discover their inner artist.”

Our meetings are the third Monday of the month (starting in October) at the Sun Lakes Navajo Room at 10 a.m. For more information, visit our website at www.slrgs.com. A big thank you to Jim for his commitment and dedication to the club.