A Flash from the Past: The Rock, Gem and Silver Club

Great article written by Opal M. Rickensrud in the 'Splash' in April, 1984.

Great article written by Opal M. Rickensrud in the ‘Splash’ in April, 1984.

Cathy Porter

The Sun Lakes Rock, Gem and Silver Club (SLRGS) has been around a very long time. Opal M. Rickensrud was the secretary of the club in 1984. She’s an entertaining writer and makes for some fun reading.

She starts her article by telling how a guest speaker from the National Treasure Hunters League located in Apache Junction, whose subject is Metal Detectors, spoke to the club. How metal detecting sounds like a great hobby for people “our age—not too strenuous.” Do people still do that? Sounds interesting.

At their March field trip to Deming, New Mexico, 14 club members had three “perfect” days there, viewing mineral, rock, and jewelry displays at local sites, but mostly doing some actual digging. “Hickoryite specimens were found at Candy Rock, and some large, beautiful agates (moss, tube, and plume) were found at Big Diggings,” one of the diggers was overheard saying. “Doesn’t this remind you of a large sandbox and everyone busy with their pails and shovels having the time of their life? They can get as dirty as they want to, and no one will scold them for it.”

Field trips like this could resume soon. Wouldn’t it be great to go on one? One of the many good reasons for joining the club. Please see www.slrgs.com if you’d like more information.