All I Wanna Do Is… (The Pandemic Line Dance)

Penny Petersen

Verse 1

This COVID pandemic has done us in,

We try to fight it, but we can’t win.

Can’t concentrate, no choices to make,

Alone and lonely, what path do we take?


All I wanna do is hug somebody,

Hug somebody, hug somebody.

Open up my arms and hug somebody,

And show them how much I care.

Verse 2

Now we experience what prisoners feel,

Locked up and alone, nothing is real.

Touching is such an essential thing,

We crave to laugh and hug and sing!


Verse 3

Can’t go to dances, or have potlucks,

All the things we can’t do—It just sucks.

So go line up and get your vaccine,

Then go home and line-dance, holler and scream!

(loudly spoken) I wanna somebody!