Four Lucky Shot Players Qualify for Pool Club Championship

Gary Vacin

Grant McGrail, Jerry Cisneros, Jeff Michelin, and Jack Hill have qualified for the Lucky Shot Pool Club 8-Ball and 9-Ball year-end championships.

In 9-Ball, Cisneros, Hill, and McGrail qualified by placing first in Pocket 1 in the fall, winter, and spring tournaments, respectively. The three will play a round robin playoff to determine the champion.

In 8-Ball, Cisneros won the fall and spring Pocket 1 tournaments, while Michelin won the winter tournament. They will meet in a three-game playoff for the championship, with Michelin needing to defeat Cisneros twice to win the title.

Results of the club’s spring tournament follow:

9-Ball pocket 1 – 1. Grant McGrail, 2. Jerry Cisneros, 3. Bob Kaczamarek

9-Ball pocket 2 – 1. Loren Boulanger, 2. Rich Schager, 3. Dave Sinkbeil

8-Ball Pocket 1 – 1. Jerry Cisneros, 2. Grant McGrail, 3. Jack Hill

8-Ball Pocket 2 – Loren Boulanger, 2. Debbie Rodgers, 3 Rich Schager

8-Ball pocket 3 – 1. Jim Cain, 2. Virgil Weber, 3. Alan Behr