Fun Lakers Club News

Bob Bybee

The Fun Lakers Social Club is continuing to grow, but we still have a lot of past members who have not renewed their membership in 2021, possibly due to the lack of activities, which will be changing soon! If you would like more information about renewal or joining as a new member, go to our website at or send us an email at [email protected]. We would like to get you all back, as the COVID-19 rules have started to change, and we can have more events later in the year.

We do have two events, Euchre and Mexican Train, that are going back to the way they operated in the past. We are also setting up a group to work on the Sun Lakes Dance Party events for later in the year. When we figure out when and how we are going to handle the parties, we will let everyone know so you can purchase your memberships.

We discussed having our annual meeting in June but have not set a date yet. Other events were discussed at the board meeting and will be added later in the year. These are the Progressive Dinner, Holiday Dinner Dance, and a possible charity event. We have also changed our board meetings to the first Thursday of the month, at 4 p.m., in the Sewing Room at Oakwood. We will be issuing a new Fun Lakers “Fun Makers” Appreciation Award in June to someone who is positively contributing to our club.