Another Fun Night for SLCT and CUSD H.S. Theatre Groups

Hamilton High’s “Bad Bad News”

Sharon Gerdik

On Feb. 8, prior to the general meeting of the Sun Lakes Community Theatre (SLCT), the members in attendance were treated to some delightful entertainment. Actors, singers, dancers, improv, and members of their high school theater groups were invited from six local Chandler high schools. They included Basha, Casteel, Chandler, Hamilton, Perry, and Arizona College Prep (ACP), all CUSD high schools.

ACP was the first school up. Their drama director Ben Bozovich was not able to attend, but his students were ready to entertain. Their first song was “Skid Row” (Downtown) from Little Shop of Horrors, performed by the full ensemble. The next song was from Evita, sung by a male and female.

Second up was Perry High School. Their drama director is Shawna Marquis, and her students did her proud with their improvisational skits. Members of the audience were asked a question, and then the performers stated ideas or acted out a scene.

Third up was Basha Theatre Company from Basha High School. Their director is Shira Schwartz. The song “The Games I Play” from the play March of the Falsettos was sung beautifully by a solo male singer who did an incredible job. That was followed by a crazy skit called “Brunch Club,” which included five teens with a dead body on their hands. Have you ever tried to pick the pocket of a dead body to retrieve their cell phone while using chopsticks? I didn’t think so.

Fourth up was Casteel High School’s Competing Theatre Group. Their director is Alyssa Pitner. The group sang a selection from Come from Away, “38 Planes—Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere.” It boggles the mind just how much talent these kids have. The second song was by a male and female duo from Tick, Tick … Boom, called “Therapy.”

Fifth up was Hamilton High School Theatre Company. Their director is Christina Vail. She was excited to announce that their upcoming play is Midsummer/Jersey, which has cast members similar to the Jersey Shore cast. That got everyone’s attention. That show is from April 11 to 13. The song they chose as a group ensemble was “Bad Bad News” from the movie 13: The Musical. Following that, they had cheerleaders singing and flipping over everywhere.

Last but not least, Chandler High School was up. Their director is Stephanie Likes. The first song was “I Can’t Stand Still” from Footloose, followed by the full ensemble singing “We Are The World.”

As usual, the Grand Finale included all of the students onstage to perform the classic song “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” and they belted it out of the park.

All these schools have plays and performances coming up for anyone to go see and enjoy. Please search the high schools’ websites to obtain updated information.

SLCT member Roger Edmonds presented each high school with a check for $625. At the end of the year, one Theater Arts student is chosen to receive a $1,000 scholarship.