Member/Member overall winners Bob Olson and John Hoffman

Bruce McCorkle

Member/Member Overall Winners

Bob Olson and John Hoffman were the overall winners of the Member/Member tournament. Congratulations on a well-played round! Other first-place winners in their flights were Dennis McClintic and Mark Nichols, Dan Muth and Rich Popham, and Jim Schaper and Aki Yasuda.

Mark Nilsen, Tournament Director

Shootout Championship Qualifiers for February: Mike Buhrt, Ron Dodd, Gary Hodges, Rich Popham, Pat Wilson, Gordon Burns, Dan Kiska, Bob Lobban, Brian Ironside, Jim Schaper, Ron Wagener

Fred Smith, Webmaster

A major achievement for amateur golfers is to shoot your age in a round of golf.

Of the 3,875 postable rounds played on MOGA days in 2023, members shot their age 118 times. Twenty-seven different members did it last year. The youngest person to shoot his age was Dan Strandberg with a 70 on Sept. 21. The oldest was LeRoy Hall at 92. The lowest shot-my-age score was a 68 by Doug Stodgel on Dec. 28. And to continue to fuel the jealousy of those of us who haven’t done it, Mike Buhrt shot his age 20 times last year!

Doug Stodgel, Rules Chairman

Players are responsible for applying the rules to themselves:

Players are expected to recognize when they have breached a rule and to be honest in applying their own penalties. If a player knows they have breached a rule that involves a penalty and deliberately fails to apply the penalty, the player is disqualified. If two or more players agree to ignore any rule or penalty they know applies and any of those players have started the round, they are disqualified (even if they have not yet acted on the agreement).


Despite the terrible weather, Bill Lewis shot a hole-in-one on Palms number 7. Congratulations, Bill!

Steve Engler

MOGA supports the efforts of First Tee whose goal is to empower kids and teens through the game of golf by creating active learning experiences that build inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience that kids can carry to everything they do. There was a MOGA club drive on Feb. 20 where golfers brought their used clubs to the Pro Shop so they can be used by First Tee. Look for more opportunities to support this worthy organization in the future.

The Adopt-A-Hole program has been very successful, with most holes spoken for!

First-Place Winners in Their Flight

1/25: Team Cha Cha Cha: Jim Flanagan, Bill Lewis, Mark Nilsen, John Sinks

1/11: Low Net: Dan Kiska

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3/7: Oakwood Shootout

3/28: Lads and Lassies

4/11: Cottonwood Home & Home

4/13: Cottonwood Home & Home

4/18: Member/Guest

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MOGA Purpose

• To promote, encourage, and advance men’s golf in accordance with the rules of golf, as modified by IronOaks Local Rules.

• To promote courtesy, camaraderie, and sportsmanship in the game of golf.

• To promote the further development and improvement of the Oakwood Golf Course.