Niners January 2024 Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Welcome to 2024. We started our Low Gross Tournament on a cold, windy morning, but the weather and the golfers warmed up in short order.

Membership. Be sure to welcome our newest members Steve Eppert, Alan Aken, Mark Stoimenoff, and Jim Thompson.

Winners: 01/04/24 Two Best Net Balls Palms. 1st Bob Gresen, Jerry Pederson, Tom Graves; 2nd (T) Terry Simmons, Butch Bosselli, John Gaudioso/Erich Tiepel, Gregg Wells, Patrick Kerr, Bill Whitely; 3rd (T3) Jerry Richards, Lou Blas, Bob Deken, Jim Daleo/Bob Pender, Mark Bernier, Pete Stein, Jim Theobald/Jim LaBarge, Tom Bleier, Garry Russell, Don Lewis; KPs: #4 Bob Gresen, Don Lewis; #7 Bob Gresen, Mark Bernier

The second round was played under some of the most difficult weather conditions we have seen here in Oakwood. Low temperatures, heavy rain, and very high winds made ball striking tough. Congratulations to the guys who finished.

1/11/24 Skins Sonoran. Teams: 1. Bob Clark, Bob Pender; 2. Joe D’Amore; 3. Jerry Richards, Erich Tiepel, Bob Gresen; 4. Ed Anderson, Jack Baur, Lou Blas, Don Fayfar; 5. Jerry Pederson, Neil Anderson, Tom Bleier, Tom Graves; 6. Larry Munson, John Schuler, Bill Stoutenberg; 7. Paul Wilde; 8. Dennis Martin, Mike Partridge, Jack Cameron, Patrick Kerr; 9. Stan Posey, Jordy Primack, Sam Whitlock; 10. Alan Aken, Nunzio Cusumano, Peter Gerdik; 11. Jim Johnson, Bob Deken; 12. Bill Whitely, David Mork; 13. Dennis Clark, Ray Greenbush; 14. Arvind Phukan, Mike Kozak, Larry Schuller; KPs: #3 Lou Blas, Bill Whitely; #8 Bob Clark, Dennis Clark

1/18/24 Low Gross Lakes. Flight 1: 1st Erich Tiepel; 2nd Joe D’Amore; 3rd (T) Jim Campbell, Bob Gresen; 5th Terry Simmons; Flight 2: 1st Ed Anderson; 2nd Tom Bleier; 3rd (T4) Jack Baur, Don Fayfar, Tom Walker, Jim Wegman; 7th (T) Neil Anderson, Butch Bosselli; Flight 3: 1st Mike Partridge; 2nd Stan Posey; 3rd Jim Johnson; 4th Rich Gihring; 5th (T3) Jack Cameron, Nunzio Cusumano, Sam Whitlock; Flight 4: 1st Jim Daleo; 2nd Gary Russell; 3rd (T) Bob Deken, Mike Kozak; 5th David Mork; 6th Mark Stoimenoff; KPs: #2 Nunzio Cusumano, Jim Daleo; #6 Jim Wegman, Joe D’Amore

1/25/24 Low Net Palms. Flight 1: 1st Terry Simmons; 2nd Jerry Richards; 3rd Erich Tiepel; 4th (T) Bob Gresen, Richard Russell; Flight 2: 1st Ed Anderson; 2nd Bill Stoutenberg; 3rd (T) Larry Swanson, Tom Walker; 5th Butch Bosselli; Flight 3: 1st Gaylord Lind; 2nd Jim Janowski; 3rd Mike Partridge; 4th (T) Alan Aken, Tom Graves; Flight 4: 1st Ted Piotrowski; 2nd (T) John Gaudioso, Gary Russell; 4th (T3) Ray Greenbush, Larry Schuler, Bruce Vantine; KPs: #4 Jim Janowski, Jerry Richards; #7 Richard Russell, Larry Swanson

Gentlemen, just a reminder: On March 21 we will be hosting the Hamilton High School Men’s Golf Team for our annual play date. Our members look forward to meeting the future professional players and their coaches (Jackie Walker for the ladies and Steve Kanner for the men) and supporting them with contributions. The Men’s team is the 2023 Arizona State Division 1 Champions. These young athletes are good.