Another Fun Night for SLCT Members and Theatre Students

Students from Basha, Chandler, Hamilton, Perry, and Arizona College Prep entertained SLCT members.

Sharon Gerdik

On Feb 16, prior to the general meeting of the Sun Lakes Community Theatre, the members in attendance were treated to some delightful entertainment. Actors, singers, and dancers, members of their high school theatre groups, were invited from local Chandler high schools. This year we had Basha, Chandler, Hamilton, Perry, and the new kid in the neighborhood, Arizona College Prep, aka ACP. The scope of the talent was impressive.

Roger Edmonds, our SLCT liaison for Chandler Schools, introduced the Drama Club director from Perry High School, Sharona Marquis, who mentioned their upcoming play, called She Kills Monsters, a takeoff of Dungeons and Dragons, would be performed March 1 through March 4. She then introduced their improv group, named Perry Winkles, who performed different skits based on audience suggestions. The first one was about turtles, and the second skit was called Shift Left, which was fast moving. The final skit was called Courtroom – Serving Justice, and the suggestion was pickleball versus tennis. The performances were fun to watch.

Hamilton High School’s drama director Christina Vail was introduced next. She mentioned that their Comedy Murder Mystery, Poison, would be presented April 13-15. Their act for this evening was seven gals singing “She’s in Love” from The Little Mermaid.

Chandler High School’s drama director Stephanie Likes was introduced next. Their upcoming school production was Anastasia the Musical, which showed March 2-4. This evening their group of performers sang the song “From Now On” from The Greatest Showman. It got the audience dancing in their seats.

Basha High School’s drama director Shira Schwartz was next to be introduced. She stated that their Student Production Team’s upcoming show will be Puff on April 13 through April 15. Their performances tonight included a Solo Male Shakespeare Recital and two gals singing “Stronger Than Before” from the musical Allegiance.

The final school to perform was introduced by the ACP’s theatre director who introduced himself as Ben. He mentioned that their upcoming school production will be Clue at the end of April. Tonight’s performers sang two songs that everyone in the audience knew well. The first one was “Sherry,” which we all remembered from The Four Seasons. The group sang this song beautifully, and there was even a male member who had a great falsetto. The second song was “Waterloo” from Mamma Mia.

The night’s finale included all five schools singing “Seasons of Love” from the musical Rent. You might know it better by “Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes,” or maybe not.

The performances were fun to watch, and the singing was remarkable.

Chandler is indeed fortunate to have these teachers, programs, and students here locally to provide entertainment. And the members of SLCT are looking forward to taking part in a joint venture of a play production with Chandler High School later this year. More info will follow.