Another Opening, Another Mystery Dinner Show

Sam Club investigates recent clues.

Kate King Turner

Come watch the famous private eye Sam Club try to solve (with your help) the mystery of the missing Malted Falcon. Well, it was on its way to the GAGA (Gallery of Amazingly Great Art) to be unveiled as a world-famous sculpture piece. This priceless bird statue was created completely out of chocolate by the renowned sculptor, the late Gertrude Hawkins. I am sure you are familiar with her other pieces, right?

This show has a list of zany characters who will keep you entertained throughout the evening. So, mark your calendars now. Tickets go on sale Feb. 15, and the show will run March 15 through 19 at Oakwood Country Club’s lovely ballroom. You won’t want to miss Sam Club, Private Eye, in the Case of the Malted Falcon. More details next month.