Another successful year for the SLAC

The Sun Lakes Anglers Club (SLAC) wrapped up another successful year serving this community with six fishing derbies and monthly flea markets. As we take our summer break, we thank you for helping the SLAC bring the joy of fishing to children who might not otherwise get a chance. Without your support (charitable donations, flea market contributions, etc.), we could not continue this meaningful work.

It takes a team of caring individuals to make all this happen. The SLAC wants to formally thank the administrative management of Sun Lakes HOA 1. Without the direct support of HOA 1 GM Kelly Haynes and Maintenance Leader Ron Troyer, we wouldn’t have a place to fish or somewhere to store our equipment trailer. Without their support, we couldn’t do this important work. Thank you so much.

For over 40 years, the SLAC has evolved to serve this community. The reward in helping kids experience fishing the first time is priceless. Fishing with family and friends takes us back to the days when we paused long enough to have some simple fun, conversation and contemplation. Today our challenge is to help kids find that peaceful stress-free place in a world dominated with cell phones and social media.

It is increasingly important that we look for ways to improve our Sun Lakes area fishing. It is a legitimate positive community differentiator that will become more valuable in the future. SLAC will continue to act in our stewardship role to stock fish, clean the lakes area and deter poachers and cormorants to help improve the sustainability of this precious resource. Our wildlife depends on us to do so. We’re not just about fish, as many of our members are birders also. Eagles, ospreys, owls, herons, other waterfowl and wildlife call this place home. We all directly benefit from the fact that the management of HOA 1 value a series of natural water environments over lifeless, blue-dyed, chemical-filled waterworks.

Starting in September, you will once again see the SLAC in action as the derby season gets underway. In the meantime, please enjoy the good fishing in your own backyard brought to you by HOA 1 management and the SLAC. Our goal is to make the fishing here even better in the future. Please contact us if you’re interested in joining the men and women of SLAC in helping nature and kids.

If you would like to know more about what a club like this can offer you, please contact us at [email protected] We have many ways to participate, and everyone is welcome.