PVLGA members enjoyed May golf

Liz DeMichael

May was an incredible month to play golf in Sun Lakes. The heat held off for a while, and the Palo Verde Ladies took advantage of it. Take a look at some of the scores.

5/7 and 5/14. Match Play. In match play tournaments, the golfer earns a point for each hole in which she has bested her opponent. If the player wins more points than the person she is playing, she moves on to the next round. Unfortunately, your author was ousted early and had her carpets cleaned the second week! The match play winners were Flight 1: Mary Nelson, Flight 2: Undecided at the time of this writing, Flight 3: Pat Tjosvold, Flight 4: Jerry Jordan, Flight 5: Kay Berner. Tough Tournament – wonderful champions!

5/21. Select-a-Drive. The third tournament of the month was a four-person Select-a-Drive. All players teed off, selected the best drive to hit from and then played their individual balls for the rest of the hole. The winning teams were First: Jody Heiman, Judy Hester, Elaine Isaacson and Tracy Rice (85); Second: Vicki Bottiglieri, Lucsa Buzbee, Laura Carothers and Billie Seiberling (86); Third: Bonnie Kane, Bonnie Moore, Rita Raymond and Jan Stuckey tied with Kay Berner, Margie Brandon, Nancy Gehlbach and Jan Hawkes (91).

5/28. Low Net. We ended the month off with a Low Net Tournament, which is fun for everyone. The winners were Flight 1: Gwen Curtis (57), Bonnie Moore (58) and Mary Nelson and Carol Ruff (tied – 59); Flight 2: Lucsa Buzbee (54), Wanda Johnson (55) and Kathy Skrei (59); Flight 3: Lois Fitzsimmons (53), June Park (59) and Naomi Bryson (64). Well done, ladies!

We all know what April showers bring. What do Mayflowers bring? Answer: Pilgrims…