April CMGA Results

Buddy Meola

On April 2 an Ace of Aces qualifier was played with six flights. The low gross and low net from each flight qualified for next year’s Ace of Aces tournament.

Flight 1: Low Gross John Stromstad, Low Net David Reap; Flight 2: Low Gross Kip Kaler, Low Net Lee Lightfoot; Flight 3: Low Gross Brian Ironside, Low Net Jason Burger; Flight 4: Low Gross Bob Kazamarek, Low Net Scott Rogers; Flight 5: Low Gross John Ladd, Low Net Hank Klausen; Flight 6: Low Gross Al Grefsheim, Low Net Bill Score

On April 9 the unusual format of 3 Clubs and a Putter was played. The winner is the low net score using each player’s normal handicap.

First place: Robert Mifflin, second place: Robert Schrote, third place: John Hoffman

The April 16 competition was a Pick Your Partner low net scoring using one net score and one gross score for each team. In this event, one bad hole by one of the members of a team can really hurt the team. There were four flights with one flight teeing off the blue tees, two flights teeing off the white tees, and one flight teeing off the green tees.

Blue Flight: First place: Martin Oerter and Steve Lowe, second place: John Flynn and Steve Ryland

White Flight 1: First place: Jason Burger and Scott Phemister, second place: Jerry Johnston and Dennis Chenier; White Flight 2: First place: Jim Fergal and Herbye White, second place: (tie) Buddy Meola and Ralph Casale, John Perros and Dave Warford, Jack Hopkins and Bob Schaedel

Green Flight: First place: Jim Czaja and Bob Kruse

April 23 was another Pick Your Partner event with a two net team format. All teams played from the white tees.

Flight 1: Winner: Jason Burger and Leif Lindgren, second place: Don Vock and David Reap; Flight 2: Winner: Tim Healy and Grover Hargrove, second place: Lee Lightfoot and Don Cerimeli; Flight 3: Winner: Tim Mandt and Jim Hawkins, second place: Paco Venegas and Pat Conry; Flight 4: Winner: Jim Czaja and Bob Kruse

A two-day Ryder Cup event was held on April 30 and May 1 between the Cottonwood and Palo Verde Men’s groups. A two-man team from each group competed each day. Saturday play was at Cottonwood with a Select A Drive one net format. One point was awarded to the team for winning the front side, back side, and total. Sunday play was held at Palo Verde with a one net team Best Ball, with one point awarded to the winning team. There were 25 teams from each club that competed. Cottonwood built a large lead on Saturday, and the Palo Verde men won 13 of the matches on Sunday, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Cottonwood lead. Lunch was served after competition at each club, and this year’s bragging rights go to the Cottonwood Men’s group.

May events will include an Ace of Aces qualifier, a two-day Eclectic individual competition, and a Blue, White and Gold competition.