April PVLGA Results

Christine Lecoutre

Pandemic or heat wave could not deter our PVLGA lady golfers. Val Verbeck even had a hole-in-one on number 6. Congratulations, Val! Of course, the bar was closed, so we will have to wait to celebrate properly.

The President’s Cup was played as planned on April 21 and 28. The results follow, as well as the results from other regular play.

April 7

Flight 1: 1st Mary Nelson, Sherri Butler, Tammy Visser; 4th Billie Seiberling; 5th Denise Devereaux, Donna Purcell; 7th Val Verbeck

Flight 2: 1st Dolores Allard; 2nd Nancy Howell; 3rd Carol Ruff, Carolyn Hoffland, Janet Quade; 6th Diane Kruse, Minna Rasmussen, Patsy Siegismund

Flight 3: 1st Linda Grendahl; 2nd Florence Wright; 3rd Diane French, Phyllis Chase, Joan Hokanson; 6th Sandy Chavez, Marilyn Lloyd

Flight 4: 1st Sharon Eisenzimmer; 2nd Lynette Liffrig; 3rd Kathy Skrei; 4th Judt Keiser; 5th Karen Jensen, Noella Bannister, Christine Lecoutre, Jan Bazzill, Kay Berner

Flight 5: 1st Christine Jones; 2nd Paula Elbery, Rota Raymond; 4th Gail Assenmacher; 5th Lois Fitzsimmons; 6th Susan Lamb; 7th Pat Kreiling

April 14

Flight 1: 1st Cindy Ryan, Jo Crook; 3rd Billie Bieberling; 4th Bonnie Moore; 5th Nancy Hermanson, Sue Lawless; 7th Mary Nelson

Flight 2: 1st Dolores Allard, Colleen Mitchell; 3rd Tammy Bailey, Julie Curran; 5th Nancy Howell; 6th Pat Tjosvold, Diane Kruse, Carol Ruff, Gwen Curtis, Anita Barber, Jan Stuckey

Flight 3: 1st Florence Wright; 2nd Mary Billideau, Patsy Siegismund; 4th Sandy Chavez, Lee Sonderman; 6th Karen Bailey, Diane French, Phyllis Chase

Flight 4: 1st Ginger Mays; 2nd Eva Keith, Judy Hester; 4th Denise Orthen; 5th Ginger Henry; 6th Karen Jensen; 7th Noella Bannister

Flight 5: 1st Lois Fitzsimmons; 2nd Susan Lamb, June Park, Kathy Koon, Janice McNab; 6th Gail Assenmacher, Rosalita Stewart

April 21 and 28

Flight 1: 1st Mary Nelson, Cindy Ryan; 3rd Tracy Rice, Carole Guild; 5th Joann Johnson; 6th Nancy Hermanson, Billie Seiberling

Flight 2: 1st Anita Barber; 2nd Colleen Michell, Barb Almond; 4th Dolores Allard, Jan Hawkes, Carol Ruff, Diane Kruse, Jan Stuckey

Flight 3: 1st Diane Tenney; 2nd Linda Carr, Anita Hopkins, Kathy Ivesdal; 5th Karen Bailey, Florence Wright; 7th Carolyn Tagatz, Patsy Siegismund, Sandy Chavez, Denise Orthen

Flight 4: 1st Margie Barndon; 2nd Bonnie Kane, Kathy Koon, Dee Czaja; 5th Ginger Mays, Rosalita Stewart; 7th Rose Hames, Noella Bannister, Jan Bazzill

Flight 5: 1st Karen Ryna; 2nd Marcia Smith, Lois Fitzsimmons; 4th Judy Daidone, Janice McNab; 6th Wanda Wiggins; 7th Christine Jones

Stay safe and keep on golfing.