Are New Year’s Resolutions the Bah Humbug of the Holiday?

Linda Cools

Every new year, millions resolve to make or keep their New Year’s resolutions. Whether or not you frown on making resolutions or fail to keep them, everyone seeks to make small improvements or changes in their routine. But many people view resolutions as unattainable and unrealistic goals. That might be because they bite off more than they can chew.

In fact, resolutions should be simple and straightforward. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a list! The holidays often put false stress and pressures and expectations on people. Your holiday might not resemble a Norman Rockwell portrait, it’s perfectly okay. Do not fret!

It’s the start of a brand new year 2024, and it marks an opportunity to reflect on your life and think about where you would like to be in the future. While our lives often require an assessment, start slowly. Change is good and can be quite healthy.

And while New Year’s resolutions may get a bad rap for encouraging unrealistic goals or placing pressure on us, they can also be a great starting point to prioritize your health and wellness on your own terms. Don’t neglect yourself!

A good place to begin is with you! Assess your health and wellness goals on your own terms. Practice gratitude, appreciate what you have and where you are, and don’t be in a competitive race with friends and acquaintances or in an artificial social media race. Make yourself the number-one priority. Remember to remove toxic people and negativity from your life. If you are grieving a loss or marriage, go easy. For many, the holidays are different and lonely, so acknowledge it. Perhaps you need to repair or spend more quality time with your family.

It’s not at all selfish to make small, positive changes in your routine, and in the end, your personal experience will improve and so will your family and friends.

Welcome the new year and celebrate you and your improved self. Seek out peace and joy and remove any hurdles, burdens, or obstacles in work and family that keep you from finding contentment in everyday life. The key is to fully embrace new opportunities, challenges, and experiences that surface, regardless of where you may be on the spectrum. Live your life the way you want!