Are you sitting on the fitness fence?

Sue Schwartz

“To build or not to build.” That used to be the question, at least when it came to developing fitness and wellness centers for older adults. However, the International Council on Active Aging’s research shows that is no longer the case as, after eight years of renovations, expansions and new developments, 82% of the respondents to an ICAA survey now have a fitness facility at their retirement community.”

“Trends in active living communities support Health & Wellness Centers as the most valued amenity that influences future homeowners’ purchasing decisions.” Colin Milner, CEO, International Council of Active Aging (ICAA)

CWPV Connections believes the key issue for a successful Health & Wellness Center in our community is whether it is able to serve its intended and future homeowners safely and efficiently.

The most important decision concerns adequate SPACE or room for future expansion. During earlier visits to 19 senior communities here in the valley by previous Health and Wellness Task Force members, several critical issues were discovered:

1. The allocation of space between various disciplines (stretching, cardio, weight and strength and classroom exercises) was improperly applied.

2. The above fitness spaces did not properly designate the correct amount of space set aside for handicapped and/or those with mobility challenges.

3. Most did not contract with fitness professionals in either the initial design or implementation phases.

4. All facilities wished they had more SPACE, as demand exceeded their expectations.

CWPV has a history of learning from the mistakes of other communities, resulting in thoughtful choices that make our community stand out. We will only get one chance to build our Health & Wellness Center right. Make it a point today to do something positive for yourself and the community by voting for Option 3.

Fitness industry professionals are experts at understanding active living communities and homeowner needs. Whether it’s minimizing safety issues, maximizing space for optimal functionality or capitalizing on a breathtaking view, the layout SPACE and design of a facility are critical.

The National Institute of Fitness and Sport (NIFS), using the number of homeowners in the CWPV community, confirmed that Option 3 is the ONLY option that will meet the space requirements of our community.

Options that don’t allow for expansion become costly mistakes down the road. The inconvenience of construction at the proposed site isn’t the question. The question is, if we don’t do it right, should we be spending $3 million to get it wrong?

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