The Art of Balance classes at Cottonwood

Have you fallen? Are you concerned about falls and restricting your activities because of this concern? During these 30 minute classes you will set goals for increasing activity and learn how to view falls as controllable; make changes to reduce falls risks at home; and exercise to increase strength and balance.

The Art of Balance is a multi-session class that starts you on the road with simple exercises, as well as strategies to help prevent falls and mitigate the fear of falling. The exercises in this class are very simple and can be performed or adjusted to any ability or capability. The class is perfect for people who limit their activity due to their fear of falling.

Consistent participation throughout the series is highly recommended to obtain measurable improvement. As with any exercise program, you should check with your physician before starting this class. The Art of Balance is a multiple session class that starts you on the road with simple exercise to help control all aspects of a fall. This program uses sensory training and balance-specific exercises that increase awareness skills needed for balance maintenance.

Class starts early in 2016. For more information and to register contact personal trainer Deryk Garmanian  at 602-499-1905.