Artists Who Aspire to Inspire: Don Hall

Don Hall

Don Hall

Linda Shanahan

There is an artist, his name is Don Hall

He is the member who just does it all

An artist who works in the shop on his own

He puts on his apron and pulls out a stone

A slab he does cut with the eighteen-inch saw

He does it so quickly I stand there in awe

A design and then onto a saw that does trim

The edges so neat, I wish I was him.

Some glue and a dop stick now ready to grind

He does let me watch, this man is so kind

He’s polished his cab and now to the setting

What will he do, a wire wrap I’m betting

This man can form silver or set it in wire

All of our club members he does inspire

Our equipment he cares for and makes it run well

If something is broken, for Don we will yell

He’ll come by and fix it and do it with ease

And can you believe it we pay him no fees.

Thanks to you, Don, for a job so well done

You add to this club, you make it more fun.

Don Hall was born in California, where he met and married his wife Pat. He is the father of three children. He previously resided eight years in Nevada and 13 in Oregon. Don has spent the last 28 years in Arizona. He retired after 38 years as an estimator/project manager in heavy construction. He and Pat enjoy music, photography, and exploring historical sites. Over the years, they have collected rocks at gem shows and rock shops; he now incorporates these findings into art and jewelry.

After joining the Sun Lakes Rock Gem and Silver Club in 2014, he took Lapidary One class where he learned to make cabochons. Later, Lapidary Two taught him the art of making handles. He enjoys creating designer-shaped cabochons, hearts, and animal shapes out of onyx and exotic stone from all over the world. After becoming proficient in lapidary, Don took Silver 1, Silver 2, and Lost Wax classes. He was self-taught in the art of wire wrapping, which he does so well. He is currently instructing classes in Silver 2 and Lost Wax. Don also serves as our club equipment maintenance manager. Without Don, we would not be able to keep the saws and grinders running. Our thanks to this marvelous mustached man who adds so much to our club.

If you are interested in taking classes from Don, or in any other activities of the club, please visit our website at Join the Sun Lakes Rock Gem and Silver Club to find your inner artist.