Dakotas Party Planned: March 18

Steve Perkins

North Dakotans and South Dakotans and friends from Sun Lakes and surrounding areas are all invited to the annual North and South Dakota Party, held at Palo Verde Country Club on Thursday, March 18. Make sure you put it on your calendar. We are hoping and praying that this crazy virus will be under control, just like a good ol’ Dakota cowboy or cowgirl tames a wild stallion.

The main thing is to get on our Dakotas Party list. If you aren’t on the list, well golly, you just must not really be from the Dakotas. You get on the list by emailing or calling us at the contact information below. Everyone on the list from last year continues, and we will keep you updated as to the party status by email.

The 2021 party will be a casual format, much like the 2020 outside patio party where we had near record attendance. We again have an event sponsor: Dakota-based Western State Bank with branches here in Arizona. We will have nice door prizes and lots of fun. If we have to cancel, well, let’s just not think of that right now.

Just make sure you are on our annual party list, and then we can keep you up to date about the party.

Please spread the word. To save money, we are only doing email mailings, so please make sure all your Dakota friends know about the party. We need your help! Please don’t assume everyone knows about it. Spread the word faster than Grandma’s country party line phone.

The cost is $15 per person and includes the buffet dinner. The event will be from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., on Thursday, March 18. Tickets must be purchased in advance. For now, though, just make sure you are on our contact list.

For more information, to get on our list, and/or for reservations, contact [email protected], Marianne Perkins at 507-227-2099, or Steve Perkins at 507-920-3532.