Artists Who Aspire to Inspire: Jan Meyers

Cathy Porter

Delicious free time! What does an artistic and creative person find to fill their time with?

Jan Meyers retired from a career in finance and travel in 2010 and was looking for something to grab her interest. She found an outlet for her creativity in glass of all kinds. And she discovered the wonderful opportunities to do this at the Sun Lakes Rock Gem and Silver (SLRGS) Club.

Her first course was in mosaics, and she was hooked. She followed up with classes in stained and fused glass. In her words, “Glass is fluid, expressive, and filled with color. You can take a pile of scrap glass and fuse it into unique and beautiful pieces.”

She has taken various classes at the different club sites. Silversmithing, which includes making your own bracelets, rings, various chains, and precious metal clay. She moved on to teach classes in form folding copper bracelets and fused glass. Her interests lie mainly in glass and copper, and combining the two to make interesting pieces.

Her pieces are gorgeous (see article on page 48).

What a wonderful resource and asset to have in our community, and particularly for members of the SLRGS Club. Check out the website for more information.

Jan lives with her husband Dave and their King Charles Cavalier.