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Dear Tammy and Cheri,

Hello. Now that summer is here, what are some top travel tips happening now?

Hot Travel, Phoenix, AZ

Dear Hot Travel,

This summer, we want to help you travel more brilliantly with some summer travel tips. There are ways to make sure your summer getaway is relaxing and not so hectic.

1. Out with the old – when you’re packing for your trip, pack your oldest undergarments to take with you and throw them out as you wear them. This actually accomplishes three things – you’ll make additional room in your suitcase for fun souvenirs, reduce the amount of laundry you have to do when you get home and give yourself a good excuse to go buy new undergarments. Win, win, win.

2. Skip the weekend – if you can manage, try to fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The airport is likely to be less busy, and you might even save some money on your flight, since everyone else will be aiming to make it just a weekend getaway.

3. Bring a portable power pack – this is one of our favorite travel gadgets and it can be a lifesaver if you get delayed at the airport or stuck in traffic in a cab. They come in many shapes, sizes and capacities, so you can pick one that fits your bag just perfectly.

4. Book a higher room – summer vacationers will likely book a lower floor, to be closer to the pool. Escape the noise by requesting a high-floor room when possible.

5. Use TripCase – of course, the best thing you can do to make your summer getaway relaxing is put all your trip details into your TripCase, so we can keep you up-to-date with free flight alerts, weather forecasts, and seat maps. We also support Pebble, Android Wear and Apple Watch, so you can keep up with your trip from your wrist, and our Remember This Place feature makes it easy to never forget that awesome restaurant you found while wandering around the island.

What are your favorite summer travel tips?

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