No residence requirement for Oakwood Lady Niners

Oakwood Lady Niners President Julie Schneider welcomes all members.

Oakwood Lady Niners President Julie Schneider welcomes all members.

Ann Rounthwaite

OLNGA President Julie Schneider has been a life-long athlete and volunteer. She grew up in Iowa, cheerleading and playing sports, although girls’ sports weren’t available in schools. At the University of Iowa she studied English and Phys. Ed., performed as a drummer and synchronized swimmer, and met her husband Bob. After their son Paul was born and Bob returned from serving in Vietnam, the family moved around Iowa and Wisconsin. Julie worked in accounts positions for businesses and the University, while Bob taught, coached and served as athletic director. During these years Julie volunteered with High Y, a program for high school boys and the Junior Service League. She became assistant director of a transitional living facility for adults recovering from addictions.

After buying a house in Ironwood in 1997 and retiring in 2006, the Schneiders moved to Oakwood in 2010. Julie has served on the Ironoaks HOA Finance Committee and as its liaison with the Golf Committee for four years. She has also served as scorer for the Ironwood Lady Niners and treasurer of the Cottonwood Lady Niners. After joining the Oakwood Lady Niners in 2010, Julie became its President in 2013. She rounds out her volunteer activities by spending a day each week at Mercy Gilbert Hospital. All this and four teenaged grandchildren in Texas keep her busy.

Julie approaches golf and life with a great sense of humor and tries not to take things too seriously. She enjoys the warmth and friendliness of the OLNGA. “I think there may be a false impression that we’re snobbish or very competitive,” she says. “Not true. We welcome members from all over and we play golf for the fun of it.”

Oakwood Lady Niners took full advantage of the cooler weather in May to play some fun golf. On the Lakes on May 5 after deducting three holes, Cora Lathom Levensky finished first; Sharon Johnson second; Judy Hedding third.

On May 12 on the Sonoran, golfers deducted their two worst holes and half their handicap. Flight 1: 1st Betty Perry, 2nd Sharon Johnson, 3rd Nancy Heberling; Flight 2: 1st Patty Partridge, 2nd Reggie Wegman, 3rd Julie Schneider; Flight 3: 1st Fran Schuring, 2nd Julia Collier, 3rd Sharon Gale and Susan Meer.

On May 19 on the Palms only par three and five holes counted. 1st Patty Partridge, 2nd Reggie Wegman and Fran Schuring, 3rd Fran Neumayr.

In a low net game on the Sonoran on May 26 – Flight 1: 1st Denise Fleshner, 2nd Betty Perry, 3rd Patty Partridge and Reggie Wegman; Flight 2: 1st Bea Cannon, 2nd Patty Lombardo, 3rd Susan Meer and Barbara Stewart; Flight 3: 1st Fran Schuring, 2nd Clarisse Zornes, 3rd Rachel Enloe. This was the last game played for Pro Shop credits until league play resumes in the fall. Over the summer, members sign up in the Pro Shop to play early on Tuesday morning. It’s a good time to join the league and get to know the summer golfers. For more information call Barbara Stewart at 480-883-3008.