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Hi Tammy, Cheri, Bety:

I travel a lot for work and play. I always seem to get run down while I’m away. I work hard, eat well and exercise regularly and don’t want to undo it while traveling. Do you have any tips on how I can take better care of myself while traveling, so I can feel more energetic and less stressed?

Jessica Reider, Phoenix, AZ

Dear Jessica,

Traveling can be a challenge when it comes to maintaining healthy habits; here are six tips to help you feel better when you travel.

1. Take a moment to relax. Travel can be stressful. Good options to reduce the stress include a quick morning meditation, yoga routine, journaling, taking a walk before your day starts or after it ends or reading something that doesn’t stir up your emotions.

2. Make time to have a full meal before you head to the airport. This will help you avoid the Cinnabon stand or greasy food court fare. When you plan in extra time to eat, you won’t feel as rushed and your blood sugar won’t tank, which can also help relieve some travel stress.

3. Pack snacks for the whole trip. Snacks deserve a sizable chunk of real estate in your suitcase. They will keep you from getting the “hangries” (hungry and angry) or grabbing something unhealthy. Aim for snacks that provide some fiber, protein, and/or fat, which will help keep you satisfied, prevent a crash in blood sugar and dip in energy.

4. Hydrate again and again. Being well hydrated can mean the difference between feeling energetic or lethargic. It can also help you stay healthy and can help curb mindless munching.

5. Don’t skimp on sleep. Getting enough shut-eye is essential to keeping your stress level in check, your immune system strong and even managing your appetite. Set a bedtime close to your usual one and try to stick to it as best you can.

6. Keep moving. If you’re not already exercising prior to travel, make that a priority, as it can help improve your health and well-being overall. During travel, create time to move your body. Walk the neighborhood, explore the sights or use the stairs where possible.

Most of all- enjoy the moment!

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