Ask Your Agents – March 2015

Dear Tammy and Cheri,

We are an active couple; our new passion is biking! We enjoy taking day trips, but have thought about trying something adventurous and turn this into a vacation. Do you have any information on this?


The Coopers, Sun Lakes, AZ

Dear Coopers,

We’re glad you came to us! Active vacations, including biking, are definitely on the upswing. Individuals, couples and families find that a biking trip allows them to enjoy a vacation that includes plenty of outdoor time, great scenery and physical fitness. Many that go on biking vacations also go hiking, kayaking as well water rafting in the North fork American river for example, plus many more for the avid fitness vacationer.

Biking vacations offer the active traveler the chance to experience a destination on a different level and pace than most travel affords. Bikers see the world at ground level and view the landscape and countryside as an integral component of the trip.

There are many different types of biking tour operators and itineraries for bikers of all levels. A biking vacation is for you if:

You enjoy active vacations

You enjoy biking excursions at home

You want to spend your vacation time outdoors

You enjoy both personal accomplishment and cooperative activities

You want to experience a very “different” type of vacation

The three variables that make up the matrix from which a traveler may choose are destination, pace and companions. There are many possible tour operators and options from which to choose and each has a different story to tell regarding its own history and experience with biking vacations.

Tour operators provide logistical support, routes, itineraries, equipment, food, portage, accommodations and emergency aid; these are only some of the responsibilities undertaken. It is important during the planning stage to select the experience that matches your preferences.

Most bicycle tours provide a pace van to shuttle riders along parts of the route where the rider would prefer not to bike or if a rider requires assistance. The shuttle van also serves as a water and meal station on some routes and as a repair or emergency vehicle if necessary.

Here are a few tips that can help you ensure that you enjoy your biking vacation with the maximum value and minimum risk:

Prepare for the trip by making sure that you can physically handle the course, pacing and terrain you have chosen.

Your tour operator will ultimately indicate that you are responsible for your choices, so be objective in your estimation of your conditioning

Learn the rules of the road.

Wear a helmet and stay hydrated!

Respect the local inhabitants. You are their guest.

As with any vacation, travel insurance is a good idea.

Biking vacations are available around the world. Practically any country offers some biking vacation opportunities. The world awaits, so get in gear!

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