Back on Track

Harry Huckemeyer

October is the time in the fall when our area normally really comes to life. Unfortunately, with the arrival of the coronavirus, times have changed considerably, forcing us all to change our lifestyles in a manner that we have never experienced before. Hopefully, things appear to be heading in a positive direction, and in the not-too-distant future, things will return to some sort of normalcy. We have already seen some progress, although with limitations, where many local stores are open for business. Restaurants, again with limitations, have reopened their doors, and the great outdoors is always available to those who love the outdoors in the Wild West, especially now that the summer madness is over. Most schools are back in session, with modifications to their classroom scheduling, and high school sports will soon become a reality, which I believe will include all sport programs that each school normally participates in. Also, I know it’s not new news, but the Hamilton Library has been open for a while now.

Like most clubs, the Short Line Model Railroad Club has had to absorb several cancellations on events they’ve been participating in for years. We have recently had a couple of get-togethers for lunches and had our first meeting since February which went over very well. Actually, we are looking forward to an event that will be taking place in the not-too-distant future here in the area, and we will keep you posted as time moves along and more details become available. Our product has been in mothballs since late February, and we are looking for a location where we can stage an approximate 16-foot layout for testing prior to game day, when our reputation will be on the line—LOL.

In closing, I’d like to welcome back all those who spent their summers away, traveling, meeting up with families and friends in their hometowns, or on extended vacations in other parts of the country. I also want to make sure we all thank all those who, during these tough times, whether in the medical field, local government, or whatever, for all you do on a daily basis for us, and always know that you are all appreciated for everything you do to make our daily lives safer, and certainly a lot more comfortable. Have a great day, and keep the faith—better times are in our future.