Bad One Liners

Pastor Mitch McDonald, Sun Lakes Community Church

Many of us have heard some people use some bad lines in our lifetime. Maybe they were lines being used by someone trying to get a date, someone trying to get us to do something, or lines that really weren’t helpful in times of hurt or grief.

I am currently in a series with my church, talking about Bad One Liners that are lies that Christians believe. One that cannot be ignored is the idea and the statement that “I could never forgive…” (fill in your own blank as to who that might be). Many who are reading this article are broken and hurting. Within each and every one of your lives, you all live within relationships that seem irreparable, and I agree with you. They are not repairable. They are NOT repairable without Christ. Everyone hurts. Everyone mourns. Everyone grieves. Without a relationship with God, it is a mountain that we dare not try to face on our own, but with Christ, we find the grace and the forgiveness to forgive beyond our own human capacity. I do not know who has wronged you. I do not know who has harmed you, but I promise you this: Jesus Christ does. He gives us the ability to forgive yet not forget. He gives us the ability to go forward without letting loose of what is behind us. Yet He gives us the ability to let go of what we have given to Him.

If you are looking for a place where your brokenness is received, your loneliness is held onto, and your lostness is offered a light of hope, then you are in very, very good company. Here is a one liner to hold on to: “All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give, I will ever love and trust Him in His presence daily live.” Whatever hurts, whatever burdens, whatever is holding you back. Right now, right this moment, give it to God.

If you have a church home, don’t ignore the great needs that exist within your fellowship. Be the source of light, encouragement, and hope that so many long to see. If you are looking for a body of believers, then I invite you to come join us at Sun Lakes Community Church on Sunday.