Fun and Games with the CLGA

Cottonwood Ladies Golf Association (CLGA) will begin a new season Nov. 1, and its members are looking forward to a spectacular year of fun and games.

Outgoing president Nancy Hermanson gave an in-depth interview in which she recalled her presidency and the challenges brought on by the pandemic. She was graciously complimentary of the board members who “hung in there” and credited Zoom meetings for keeping things going for the club. Her computer skills have been so enhanced by this experience that she is considering a second career in consulting to older folks who might need help in this area. Just kidding!

New this year: renew membership on the AGA website. You should have received instructions on the CLGA website, but if you have any trouble, call Nancy. She’s the new “go to” person for all things computer.

Mikki Rydell and Billie Sieberling have provided a slate of new officers, which we will adopt at our Nov. 18 luncheon in the Saguaro Room. We are still in need of people to fill leadership positions for the Member/Guest tourney and PICO, both scheduled in April.

We all look forward to having our Canadian friends back and returning to our after-golf get-together.