Bocce Ball 2023-24 Board of Directors and Final Awards

First-place winners of the Fun with Friends Tournament (left to right) Sue Donovan (tournament director), Tony Racano, Monte Bonello, Melissa Hance, and Ron Kiel were presented with envelopes of cash and a winning bottle of Chianti “Le Bocce” wine donated by the club’s president, John Terranova.

Kathy Mlynarczyk, Publicity Director

The board of directors for 2023-24 was introduced by John Terranova and elected by the membership in attendance by a show of hands, including John Terranova, president; Ray Ficek, vice president; Colleen Linko, membership; Ron Seifert, treasurer; Judy Gentry, secretary; David Sinkbeil, equipment manager; Sue Donovan, tournament director; Kathy Mlynarczyk, publicity director; Karen and Neil Donohoe, social directors; and Jeff Blankenship, webmaster.

Our final day of bocce ball league play for the Second Session was extended to March 21 due to several days of rain cancellations. Our final Awards Potluck Banquet came off as planned on March 26 at 1 p.m. at Sisk Park.

As is customary, teams finishing first, second, and third in their respective divisions received prize money; therefore, a total of 40 teams won cash! The following survived the competition and were the winners in each of their respective divisions: Division A: There was a three-way tie for first place: Mike Buscaglia and Doc Heckler, Larry Beck and Jane Cambridge, and Tony and Maria Racano; Division B: Bill and Val Crump; Division C: Claire Ziegler and Marie Boyes; Division D: Colleen Linko and Jeff Blankenship; Division E: Maryclare and Ed New; Division F: Ron and Joy (Beverly) Kiel; Division G: Diane Roberts and Kathy Savage; Division H: Melissa and Ron Hance; Division I: Vivian Caldwell and Chip Kidd; Division J: Jason and Sue Burger; Division K: Ron and Erin Respo; Division L: Buddy and Theresa Meola.

In addition to year-end awards, the club conducted its rescheduled Fun with Friends Tournament on March 26, following the Awards Potluck. The event was previously planned in February but was canceled due to the inclement weather.

Important dates for the next season include online registration starting Sept. 1, Wine and Cheese Event on Oct. 29, and the start of bocce First Session on Nov. 5.

We also want to remind all residents interested in the Sun Lakes Bocce Club for the 2023–24 season that the club will continue to provide bocce instruction throughout most of the spring and summer months, leading up to next season, for those interested in learning to play the game. Simply forward an email to [email protected], attention Mike Buscaglia, to request instruction.

Any Sun Lakes resident can learn more about our club, with updated information, by going to our club website,

Stay well. Have a great summer and keep having fun!