Bridge Results

Monday Morning Social Partnership Bridge

7/19. 1st Lori Scharbach and Karen Harnish, 2nd Gene and Marie Montague, 3rd Joe and Joan Silver

7/26. 1st Joe and Joan Silver, 2nd Jeanette Newman and Jeannie Kitzman, 3rd Bernie Ross and Dee Guthrie; Slam: Jeanette Newman and Jeannie Kitzman

8/02. 1st Nancy Parsegian and Nancy DePree, 2nd Paul Budrick and Rosemary Shutts, 3rd Jeanette Newman and Jeannie Kitzman; Slam: (tie) Bernie Ross and Dee Guthrie/Paul Budrick and Rosemary Shutts

8/09. 1st Paul Budrick and Rosemary Shutts, 2nd Nancy Parsegian and Jim Gibson, 3rd Janelle Gibson and Maurine Howell

Saturday Morning Partnership Bridge

Sun Lakes Country Club, Phase 1

7/17. 1st Lori Scharbach and Karen Harnish, 2nd Ilena Lea and Joan Phelan, 3rd Gloria Danker and Jeanette Newman; Slam: Lori Scharbach and Karen Harnish

7/31. 1st Dee Guthrie and Bernie Ross, 2nd Lori Scharbach and Karen Harnish, 3rd Janelle Gibson and Jeanette Newman; Slam: Dee Guthrie and Bernie Ross

8/07. 1st Jeannie Kitzman and Linda Meylink, 2nd Dick and Donna Briner, 3rd Maurine Howell and Jim Gibson; Slam: (tie) Karen Harnish and Lori Scharbach/Dee Guthrie and Bernie Ross

Cottonwood Ladies Bridge

7/15. 1st Gloria Danker, 2nd Janelle Gibson, 3rd Judy Ligas; Hostesses: Joan Phelan and Joan Koch

7/22. 1st Dee Guthrie, 2nd Jeannie Kitzman, 3rd Adrienne Widrikis; Hostesses: Karen Harnish and Lori Scharbach

7/29. 1st Esther Probst, 2nd Jeannie Kitzman, 3rd Judy Ligas; Hostesses: Gloria Danker and Maurine Howell

8/05. Partner Bridge: 1st Karen Harnish and Lori Scharbach, 2nd Janelle Gibson and Jeanette Newman, 3rd Nan Hare and Peggy Vernon

Sun Lakes Fun Bridge

Sun Lakes Fun Bridge is having a great summer.

Winners on July 14 were Janelle Gibson in 1st, Lillian Look in 2nd, and Dena Brown in 3rd. Judith Spiel took the Booby prize.

On July 21 we had the biggest summertime game in three years with five tables. Winners were Rosalie Fought in 1st, Jo Hughes 2nd, and Janelle Gibson 3rd. Mary Ann Anner and Dena Brown had a slam and split the slam pot. Diana DePree took the Booby prize.

On July 28, again, we had five tables. Winners were Mary Ann Anner in 1st place, Roberta Wise 2nd, and Rosalie Fought 3rd. Beth Fleming took home the Booby prize.

On Aug. 4 Ruth Hiner was in 1st, Jo Hughes 2nd, and Patsy Redmond 3rd. Welcome back, Chloe Hanken, who earned the Booby prize.

On Aug. 11 Rosalie Fought was in 1st, Janelle Gibson 2nd, and Nancy Parsegian 3rd.

If you’re up for an afternoon of Fun Bridge and want to inquire about playing with this group, call 480-639-4417.