Bridge Results

Cottonwood Ladies Bridge

11/17. 1st Lori Scharbach, 2nd Janelle Gibson, 3rd Karen Hess; Hostesses: Karen Harnish and Karen Sanchez

12/01. 1st Joan Phelan, 2nd Karen Harnish, 3rd Ilena Lea; Hostesses: Karen Hess and Linda Hess

12/08. 1st Fran Carissimo, 2nd Janelle Gibson, 3rd Diane Wine; Hostess: Nancy Smith

12/15. 1st Liz Schubert, 2nd Lori Scharbach, 3rd Karen Harnish; Hostesses: Janelle Gibson and Linda Hess

12/30. 1st Fran Carissimo, 2nd Karen Sanchez, 3rd Sally Culbertson; Hostess: Dee Guthrie

1/05. 1st Dee Guthrie, 2nd Diane Wine, 3rd Fran Carissimo; Hostess: Barb Sampson

Monday Afternoon Partnership Bridge

12/19. 1st Bernie Ross and Paul Budrick, 2nd Dick and Donna Briner, 3rd Ron and Mary Kent; Slam: Bernie Ross and Paul Budrick

12/26. 1st Maurine Howell and Valda Wiggers, 2nd Sally Culbertson and Nancy Smith, 3rd Lori Scharbach and Karen Harnish; Slam: Maurine Howell and Valda Wiggers

1/02. 1st Dick and Donna Briner, 2nd Dee Guthrie and Colleen Ritter, 3rd Ron and Mary Kent; Slam: Lori Scharbach and Karen Harnish

1/09. 1st Sally Culbertson and Nancy Smith, 2nd Maurine Howell and Barb Sampson, 3rd Dick and Donna Briner; Slam: Sally Culbertson and Nancy Smith

Wednesday FUN Bridge

Our sub list is quite short currently, as several people have moved from the sub list to the regular member segment. If you’re looking for a group that has fun while we play, give us a call at 916-812-8151. Please leave your name and number and a short message, and we’ll call you right back.

12/14. 1st Rosalie Fought, 2nd Ruth Hiner, 3rd Joan Herges

12/21. 1st Dena Brown, 2nd Patty Potter, 3rd Dagmar Bostick; Patty Potter and Dena Brown bid, made, won, and shared the slam pot.

12/28. (High scores were higher than usual, ranging from 5400 to 4440 1st to 4th place.) 1st Patty Potter, 2nd Valda Wiggers, 3rd Roberta Wise; Jo Hughes and Dena Brown bid and made a slam, and Dena won the slam pot.

1/04. 1st Ginger Faulkner, 2nd Ruth Hiner, 3rd Lillian Look

1/11. 1st (tie) Judith Spiel and Chloe Hanken, 3rd Rosalie Fought

IronOaks Ladies Friday Bridge

IronOaks Ladies Friday Bridge group is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote friendship and enjoy an afternoon of social, intermediate bridge. IronOaks Ladies Friday Bridge is open to all residents of Sun Lakes.

Regular play for the association is every Friday of the month at 12:30 p.m. in the Arts and Crafts Room at Sun Lakes Country Club. Please be there to sign up for bridge before 12:30 p.m.

For more information, contact Linda Meylink at 480-895-9172.

December winners:

12/02. 1st Ginger Lee, 2nd Maurine Howell

12/09. 1st Ginger Lee, 2nd Fran Carissimo

12/16. 1st Dagmar Bostick, 2nd Sally Culbertson

12/23. 1st Sally Culbertson, 2nd Valda Wiggers

12/30. 1st Karen Harnish, 2nd Maurine Howell; Grand Slam: Valda Wiggers and Maurine Howell

SLCC Saturday Morning Partnership Bridge

12/17. 1st Karen Harnish and Lori Scharbach, 2nd Jerry and Donna Smith, 3rd Dick and Donna Briner

12/24. 1st Jeanette Newman and Sally Culbertson, 2nd Nancy Smith and Jeannie Kitzman, 3rd Ron and Mary Kent; Slam: Karen Harnish and Liz Schubert

12/31. 1st Karen Harnish and Lori Scharbach, 2nd Maureen Howell and Valda Wiggers, 3rd Dean Brown and Liz Schubert; Slam: Karen Harnish and Lori Scharbach

1/07. 1st Dena Brown and Diane Flanagan, 2nd Nancy Smith and Jeannie Kitzman, 3rd Valda Wiggers and Barb Sampson; Slam: Dena Brown and Diane Flanagan