Cheers Singles Club cheers for Hamilton High

Our club is helping to support the Chandler/Hamilton School District’s program for students in need. Some of these students are homeless. Some do not have enough to eat. Some have babies and need nursery care so they can go to classes and be able to finish their education. Our club collects food, etc., at our social hour on Thursdays. Needed are granola bars, peanut butter, crackers, tuna, canned meats, water, juice, $5 and $10 grocery store gift cards, socks, tennis shoes, shampoo, conditioner, soap deodorant, diapers for the babies of students, laundry and dish soap and school supplies. Many of these items can be found at the dollar stores. Make a difference in some of our local kids’ lives. Bring your donations to our socials on Thursday afternoons. We also accept cash donations to purchase the items above.

Thanks to all of you who have brought items for the Chandler/Hamilton schools children in need. It’s important that we all do as much as we can to help these students work to achieve a better life. For more details or information, contact Cheers member Sally Wegryn at 203-479-0733 or Sue Agnew at 480-491-3774.

If you are a single out there living in Sun Lakes, SunBird or Springfield, you are welcome to join us for Happy Hour at Poolside Cafe in Oakwood on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. We would love to have you as a member. If you want more info, call Ginny Marr at 883-0600 or Richard Lewin at  525-3630.