Cheers Singles Club News

Ann Kisner

We had our first social since the pandemic, and it may be the last until we have the vaccine. But those who gathered at the Halley pool on Sunday, the 15th, had a safe and fun time. It was just wonderful to see the upper portions of each other’s faces and to catch up. Hopefully, when we meet, we will get to see each other’s full face again! Thanks to several Cheers members, we got the tables and chairs clean and ready for our visit. Bob Roller presented great music to listen to, and he had a microphone, so a few announcements were possible. Two of our newest members came, and two guests came and joined Cheers. We had about 25 for the occasion in perfect weather and safe distancing.

As you all know, there is not much that we can be doing together, but hopefully, things will begin to happen in early 2021. It has taken patience and perseverance for all of us to get through these past months. It appears that our members and most of our community have been diligent in doing what is needed. Continue to keep up the good work.

Please also remember Sally Wegryn and Sue Agnew with the items for Hamilton High School. As you know, this is our one charitable project and is so appreciated and needed. Several members brought items to the social, and many gave Sally money to buy more. Thank you all for your donations. Please keep them coming. During this time of year, there is even more of a need for these families. Thank you, Sally and Sue, for all your efforts. Contact Sally Wegryn at 203-470-0733 or [email protected], or Sue Agnew at 480-491-3774.