Cheers Singles welcomes you

Ron Leimer, Publicity

Cheers is a club for singles who are residents in Sun Lakes, SunBird and Springfield. The 2016 season is just getting started with new and exciting things to do, people to meet and friendships with each other. We have a social at the Oakwood Country Club (Poolside) each Thursday at 4:00 p.m.; come visit us to find out more about this fun singles group. A welcome table is located at the entrance of Poolside to greet you and give you information and introduce you to some of our members. We have both large and small events held throughout the year. From quarterly birthday parties, Hand and Foot card games, book club, bridge, wine tasting, fun dining, special trips throughout the year with Free Spirit Vacations are some of the fun our members enjoy. If you’re unable to come to a social, call Ginny Marr at 883-0600 or Richard Lewin at 525-3630 for information.

A special Cheers reunion is set for Thursday, February 25 at 4:00 p.m. at Poolside. All former and current members of Cheers are invited to meet old friends and some new ones. You may bring a guest and we’re hoping some of our past members will be able to attend this event. Originally formed in April 1999 with 19 members we’ve grown to number 236 at the last count. Many of the original members are no longer with us but we have fond memories of their part in making Cheers what it is today. So come and let’s celebrate the past, present and future Cheers!