Desert Artist Club Featured Artist: Miroslava Baltyn

Featured artist Miroslava Baltyn

Featured artist Miroslava Baltyn

Marilyn Conner

My name is Miroslava Baltyn. Here, they call me Mika.

In 1965 I left Poland heading to Vienna, Austria. I reunited with my boyfriend, got married in Vienna and together we immigrated to America. After one month we relocated to Chicago. Both my sons were born there.

My husband got a job and I was taking care of our children. After five years of a break from work I got full time employment at different Chicago engineering companies working as a draftsmen in civil eng., structural sect., urban planning and art graphics. I worked there 21 years, and am most proud of the last 12; I was working as assistant architect.

My husband and I retired in 2001. We moved to Sun Lakes in 2003. He passed away two years later.

My art background: Graduating in architectural major requires the architect to do free hand sketches and drawings. Under supervision of the art professor, students perform free hand compositions in crayons, charcoal and ink. Plein air, – city and urban was included as also nude studies from live models. Color media tempera on paper. Living in Sun Lakes’ active senior community, I had the opportunity to join watercolors and pastel classes.

In 2014 I joined Desert Artist Club. I needed to be in contact with other creative people/artists; having the possibility to see other artists’ work and learn from other peoples’ experience. Belonging to the Desert Artists group gives me chance to learn new techniques, such as oil painting.

My work is done in pastels, watercolors, quash, acrylic and ink. Recently I have started to work with oil. Besides the portraits of my family members and their pets, mostly I do landscapes of our beautiful state of Arizona, where colors are so vibrant and sun so bright.

My other interests include designing jewelry, knitting and crocheting and travelling the world.

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