Cheers Social Group Activities

Cheers Trip Opportunities: With summer, graduation, and wedding season upon us, most travel by Cheers members is currently mainly for personal reasons. However, the calendar for late summer and fall is filling with numerous trip opportunities. Among these is a seven-day tour of Greece in October, including transportation via ocean ferries between Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini. Other tours have Cheers members traveling the Rhone River in France and the Danube River, with destinations in several European countries.

Several additional members have indicated interest in the Albuquerque Balloon Festival in early October and the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day in Pasadena. Free Spirit Vacations is offering several options for both of these itineraries. Numerous cruise and tour operators are currently booking travel for 2024, and even 2025, as many earlier itineraries are already filled.

Cheers travel itineraries are open to all, since we utilize and partner with licensed travel agents. For more information, call Richard Lewin at 609-332-3915 or Donna Clucky at Free Spirit Vacations at 480-926-4447, Ext. 2.

Monthly Wine Tasting: On the third Wednesday of each month, a club member hosts a wine tasting and potluck dinner in their home. Advance registration is required, and an $8 fee per person is collected to provide funds for the purchase of a variety of wine, selected and presented by the host/hostess. Lorene Roberts serves as the activity leader, supporting and assisting monthly hosts.

Hamilton High School Donations: Cheers provides charitable support to needy students at Hamilton High School. Voluntary donations of food, household items, and/or cash are provided monthly. These donations are coordinated by Sally Wegryn, who can be reached at 203-470-0733, in collaboration with Hamilton Social Work staff, and are greatly appreciated in our community.

Dine Out: On the fourth Wednesday of each month, members dine out together at a selected restaurant in the community. This activity, coordinated by Robert Russo, provides opportunity to try new restaurants and perhaps new types of cuisine in the company of friends. Advance registration is required to confirm restaurant reservations.

Book Club: This group meets once per month to discuss the selection made the previous month.

For further information regarding Cheers social group, membership, and/or group activities, please refer to our website,, or contact Chairperson Mike Swoverland at 480-907-4623.